Measurement Kit
Network measurement engine

Measurement Kit is now deprecated. Please, check Measurement Kit's README for more information.

Measurement Kit is a network measurement engine. It implements open network measurement methodologies (performance, censorship, etc.) on Unix-like operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, and macOS, as well as on Windows. It is meant to be embedded by third party applications with specific network measurement needs and/or to be used by researchers to implement novel network measurement tools. It started as an engine implementing OONI nettests and since then has grown to include also other nettests.

Measurement Kit is currently used to implement OONI apps for all platforms. It is also integrated by other parties, mainly to run our implementation of the NDT network performance test on mobile platforms.

All our code is inside the measurement-kit GitHub organization. The main repository, also called measurement-kit is the entry point to learn more about Measurement Kit. It allows you to easily provide feedback and contribute.

In case you need to reach out to us to report a vulnerability, please write to the OONI team putting in Cc Simone Basso, using the email addresses and PGP keys listed on the OONI website.

Measurement Kit is a project by @bassosimone, @hellais, et al, carried out in 2013—2017 in the context of Nexa Center's MORFEO and Neubot projects, and financed by the European Commission (for MORFEO) and by Measurement Lab and Google through two distinct research grants. In 2018 Measurement Kit has been financed through a ICFP OTF Fellowship at Measurement Lab. Since 2019 Measurement Kit is a OONI project.